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What is IT business?

IT business is a fully networked, where all commercial relationships are conducted within the Internet. The world of online business has its own rules that must be followed. Besides, IT business has many obstacles.

For instance, regular marketplace of goods or services requires at least drafting the following documents:

  • Terms of services to use the marketplace (website). In, fact that is licensing agreement just for usage the website;
  • Terms of sale. Agent agreements with the marketplace to render services to end user;
  • Confidentiality agreement. And if your business is aimed at the EU, the rules of GDPR;
  • Opening a merchant account to ensure payment by the end users;
  • Other agreements related only to your IT business.

Legal Kornet has significant experience largely due to the structuring of ICO projects. The ICO structure is a complex IT business and in many cases requires an initial Legal Opinion on deal structuring. Here is one of the drafts of such opinion where we need to set the cryptocurrency on the balance of the company and other work on with legal analysis of business activity.

What is a due diligence in IT business?

Due diligence is a full legal analysis of a project before committing a merger and acquisition deal (M&A). There is no doubts, Due diligence of IT project has its own peculiarities. When you aim to purchase an IT business you have to remember about the following:

  • Proper Intellectual Property formalization with the employees;
  • Structuring of investments;
  • Domain name administration;
  • Personal data regulations;
  • Corporate documents;
  • Yandex and Google analytics;
  • Commercial disputes;
  • License agreement with the clients.
  • And many other...

Legal Kornet has a team of experienced lawyers to conduct each and every stage of due diligence.

Due Diligence of the project

Due Dill is a complete check of your business, and most importantly, the business of the counterparty in which you are interested. Internet business analysis has a lot of features that are easily overlooked.

Legal Kornet specialists have been involved in servicing and auditing companies for many years, and a team of external consultants will allow you to verify a counterparty from any jurisdiction.

Development of an optimal scheme of your business

Any digital project requires not only a brilliant idea, but also its competent legal execution, contractual and corporate structuring.

Legal Kornet will be glad to assist you in giving your idea a complete legal clearance, drawing up a contractual and corporate binding that will allow you to avoid problems with the supervisory authorities of the jurisdiction where you decided to establish your business.

Tax planning and optimization

Any costs should be not only reasonable, but also economically feasible. Therefore, tax optimization is the most important factor in the profitability of any enterprise.

Legal Kornet can not only avoid tax claims, but also optimize expenses and revenues so that it will be economically sound and reasonable for tax authorities.

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We express our gratitude for the cooperation, professionalism and efficiency in the provision of services related to the preparation of a legal Opinion (Legal Opinion) to identify the legal nature of our token.

Jim Nicoll
(CEO, Newton Coin Project)

The strongest quality of Nikita Tepikin is his ability to finish every project he is involved in by the very end. He is GDPR certified and deeply involved in this subject matter working with several clients in EU.

Artem Dikarev
(Head of Legal Department)

Nikita is an exceptionally talented lawyer with an outstanding insight in IP/IT matters. With strong international background he is definitely the professional of my first choice whenever a American legal issue arises.

Michał Grodziewicz
(Senior Associate at Maruta Wachta)

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