Supporting Documents for ICO/STO/IEO

Preparation of all necessary documentation for ICO/STO/IEO. Development of privacy policy, terms of sale. Assistance in arranging KYC procedure.
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As a rule, to minimize the risks of a company planning to launch ICO / STO / IEO projects, high quality, professional and detailed elaboration of all documentation (including corporate) of both the future project and the organization is required. This measure will allow bringing in compliance the formal and technical components of the project with legal requirements.

As part of the supervision of ICO / STO / IEO projects, Legal Kornet provides comprehensive services for the design and preparation of the full package necessary for registration and ensuring the continued successful operation of the company documentation.

In particular, such documents include:

  1. Terms of use of the website;
  2. Terms of sale for utility tokens;
  3. Terms of sale for security tokens;
  4. White Paper;
  5. Privacy Policy.

In addition, Legal Kornet provides support in passing KYC (Know Your Client). KYC is one of the international control standards, the essence of which is reduced to the procedure for identifying and verifying clients.

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We express our gratitude for the cooperation, professionalism and efficiency in the provision of services related to the preparation of a legal Opinion (Legal Opinion) to identify the legal nature of our token.

Jim Nicoll
(CEO, Newton Coin Project)

The strongest quality of Nikita Tepikin is his ability to finish every project he is involved in by the very end. He is GDPR certified and deeply involved in this subject matter working with several clients in EU.

Artem Dikarev
(Head of Legal Department)

Nikita is an exceptionally talented lawyer with an outstanding insight in IP/IT matters. With strong international background he is definitely the professional of my first choice whenever a American legal issue arises.

Michał Grodziewicz
(Senior Associate at Maruta Wachta)

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