Reviews and letters of recommendation

We were pleased with our work with Nikita Tepikin and his team. They studied the project in detail, fully understood the economy and we promptly received a well-developed document.

Kosta Popov (LinkedIn)
Founder & CEO – Cappasity Inc.

We express our gratitude for the cooperation, professionalism and efficiency in the provision of services related to the preparation of a Legal Opinion to identify the legal nature of our token.

In the shortest possible time, lawyers of the company Legal Kornet drew up a competent conclusion based on a comprehensive analysis of American law, the structure of our project and the identification of problems of our internal ecosystem as a whole.

Legal Opinion is distinguished by clear wording, sound conclusions, as well as a comprehensive approach to the requirements and features of our project.

The strongest quality of Nikita Tepikin is his ability to finish every project he is involved in by the very end. He is GDPR certified and deeply involved in this subject matter working with several clients in EU.

Besides that, his master’s degree in international intellectual property received in Chicago University, as well as NY license saved many ICO/STO projects before exchange markets. Passion to what he does is another quality, I personally observed.

When we have been working together with Nikita on common projects, he showed himself to be a professional with American expertise in intellectual property, blockchain law, and privacy regulations.

His works on Legal Opinion on the nature of the tokens under the Howey Test (utility/security) for crypto exchange market were sufficiently detailed and carefully drafted to meet requirements of crypto exchanges. Therefore, I highly recommend Nikita to be attracted to legal work for any blockchain and other projects.

Nikita is an exceptionally talented lawyer with an outstanding insight in IP/IT matters. With strong international background he is definitely the professional of my first choice whenever a American legal issue arises.

Michał Grodziewicz (LinkedIn)
Senior Associate – Maruta Wachta

I highly recommend Nikita Tepikin. He was an active, excellent student in my Spring 2011 Comparative Tort Law course and a superb research associate for me on complex liability issues during the following academic year. His work was always timely, thorough and incisive. He continually impressed me with his intelligence, integrity, diligence, skills and personality.

— Richard W. Wright, University Distinguished Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Richard Wright (LinkedIn)
University Distinguished Professor of Law

As a high-qualified IP lawyer Nikita uses his strong educational background and practical skills in IT and data protection projects.

Maxim Ali (LinkedIn)
Head of the Intellectual Property – Maxima Legal

When I came to Nikita Tepikin we had pretty complicated task to gather and clear all intellectual property rights in my company. And to tell the truth, I knew nothing on intellectual property and that if we did not pay to our software developers we can be in a huge trouble.

I liked approach Nikita he made a presentation for me where I could step by step see what we will do to protect core IP rights in my company. Then, we realized all the documents and I received instructions how I should use them.

The next step was consultation with my foreign partners on intellectual property protection. We came to conclusion based on advices of Nikita that It would be better to keep the core soft and product with us due to high risk of its possible loss.

Marat Fatkullin (LinkedIn)
Founder & CIO – LedgerKitchen

Nikita is is extremely passionate about legal job. And it's even more mission and passion than job itself. He is a non-stop thinker about new legal services and client's side. Very optimistic and open person. And, finally, he is a real fighting dog in a court.

Vladimir Shibanov (LinkedIn)
CMO – Novel Software Systems

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